Dinosaurs from the end of the world. Patagonian expeditions


Land of dinosaurs

For the first time ever, a striking exhibition arrives from the end of the world, presenting the latest discoveries from the Southern Hemisphere together in one place.

Dive into the chronicles of an unknown past, travel through the deserts of Patagonia with your team of scientists, reveal mysteries of nature and understand your place as a human being in the complex balance of our natural history.


Recommended Gallery Size:
13,200 ft2 (1,250 m2)

Recommended Gallery Height:
22 ft (7 m)

Exhibition size is flexible. Modules can be removed for smaller galleries.

Diego Pol, PhD

All text in English and Spanish; graphics designed for two languages.

Notes Chubut map


An immersive exhibition

Fifteen Patagonian dinosaurs

Unseen fossils from the Southern
Scenographic settings
3D animations
Built-in sound effects
Bilingual (English + Spanish)
Support content for Educators

*New! Exhibit adapted to Easy-to-Read System.

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Engage & educate

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

Experience an immersive and interactive exhibition like never before!
Live the journey of a paleontologist in Patagonia, through an adventure designed for the whole family.

In Dinosaurs from the End of the World you will solve scientific hypotheses, play in virtual reality scenes, discover unknown secrets of the South American dinosaurs and learn how scientists bring dinosaurs to life.

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